Launched on July 2021, REDFEG ($REDFEG) is community owned, BEP-20, BSC token that rewards its holders with every transaction.

Problem statement

Be safe. The major problem for meme coins lovers is that 9/10 tokens are rug pull, honey pots, or post-launch token minting.

Trust & Reliability

Investors can be relentlessly hesitant and often get spooked by a bearish market. Because of the automatic reflect.


At each transaction, a portion of the tokens are distributed to all holders.
1% of every transaction is automatically sent to each holder.

Secure and verified Smart-contract

We use MythX, offered by ConsenSys Software Inc, is the first security analysis service for Ethereum smart contracts.

Community Driven

Join a trusted network of investors, who are confident in the Reflect contract, and understand the potential for growth in implementing this concept

Our mission

Make the world of DeFi a secure gaming environment for amateur, retail and professional traders using our meme REDFEG token.

We research and innovate in the blockchain sector and more specifically Solidity.

Our story

A team composed of professional developers and amateurs who have become experts in the sector have joined together to form REDTEAM.

We are working on several projects and this is one of our funniest. We hope to be able to link them on a bigger project. Stay tuned.


We plan to deploy in beta version if the project reaches a certain success various DeFi tools around the project.

August 2021


As soon as we will be listed on CoinGecko, the REDFEG Tracker, a smartphone app, will permit the holders to geta real time overview of their data like the amount of token they own, conversion in usd, Curent price, charts, daily volume, an estimation of what they will earn just by auto-reward and some more features.

September 2021


There will be special events where people can buy tickets and try to win prizes. This will act as a stimulus for many benefits such as higher rewards for holders and a better ranking thanks to higher volumes and price stability.

October 2021

Beta Release

Swap-interface deployment

December 2021

Official Launch

Official launch of the RedDeFi Platform.